About Us

Founded June 1998 by Ed Holtgraver and Magnus Palmstierna in Tomball, TX

Early in his career, the founder of QTRCO, Ed Holtgraver, was responsible for field service of a large valve company.  He saw customers lose vast amounts of time, production hours and ultimately money from misapplied products.  Products that would have worked better had greater attention to detail been applied during the design phase.

By founding QTRCO, Ed’s intent was to design and build actuators that simply did not encounter field service issues. With a very rugged mechanical design and the elimination of normal failure modes—sliding parts, side load forces and numerous seals—the QTRCO actuators have evolved into exactly what Ed had in mind those many years ago.

Warranty 3 Years

QTRCO will during the period of 3 years from the date of original invoice, repair or replace (at QTRCO’s sole option) any QTRCO actuator that fails in service regardless of the number of cycles, provided always that the actuator was installed correctly, properly maintained/serviced and applied as per the original user application specifications. The actuator must be returned to QTRCO within the 3 year warranty period at the sender’s cost. The warranty does not apply to any freight or other charges.

General service actuators do not require periodic maintenance. Severe service actuators may require periodic maintenance based on operating conditions.  Severe service may include but is not limited to high speed, high cycle, highly corrosive, explosive atmosphere, and others. Special applications may require individual maintenance schedules.  Contact QTRCO for help developing a maintenance schedule for your application

QTRCO’s Quality

“QTRCO, Inc. is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements through the continual improvement of our Quality Management System. We strive to produce products of meaningful design superiority which are free of design and manufacturing defects.”