Gas & Oil Industry Proven Results


Natural Gas Metering

Customer was experiencing reliability issues due to corrosion of ferrous components causing leakage and reduction of torque output.

Oil & Gas

Preload Ballast System

QTRCO Rack & Gear® Actuators
have extremely low internal friction, consume minimal air volume, are able to handle the most severe vibration and are available in stainless steel for complete protection against corrosion. Rack & Gear® actuators provide throttling capabilities consistent with those of diaphragm actuators with a high level of reliability.

The QTRCO Rack & Gear® thru-shaft design results in substantial space savings. These actuators have been proven to be excellent companions to quarter turn control valves including those with extended stems.


Full Gas Isolation

Fuel Gas Isolation valve to a combustion turbine required a SIL-2 rated assembly that had Partial Stroke Testing capabilities to allow extended intervals between full stroke testing.


Heavy Crude Feed Filter

Heavy crude filter banks typically consist of 12 or more actuated valves, and are subject to high ambient temperatures and cycle conditions. Current Actuators being used were not meeting the customer  cycle life expectations.


Neat Cat Gasoline

The customer had a modulating fail open actuator requirement for a 12” 300# high performance butterfly valve, but other scotch yoke type actuators couldn’t meet the valve torque requirements without exceeding the valve MAST (Max. Allowable Stem Torque).


Compressor Discharge Flow Control

Natural gas compressor discharge valves are typically large and use pneumatic actuators. This particular valve is modulating and requires precise control. Performance and delivery were key factors for this customer. (line pressure 1150-1350 psig)